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Law School Made Easy was founded in late 2012 by a group of law students seeking to provide aid to other students. Currently, LSME is the number one destination for study supplements by law students all over the United States. This accolade is attributed to the fact that the company that originated as an outline supplier has evolved into a fascinating tool that every law student should take advantage of. Presently, LSME offers their members not only a highly regarded and extensive outline bank, but  also a newly added interactive study program called “LSME Courses”. These study programs are offered to members at no additional cost and provide them with a curriculum filled with casebook outlines, study guide outlines, audio/video lectures, online practice MC and essay questions. The student is also able to track their strengths and weaknesses as well as their progress in order to be 100% ready once the exam arrives. This concept of LSME courses is a new and intuitive approach to legal education for law students which has been highly regarded by those who have participated in the courses. Not only do the courses improve a students overall understanding of the material and increases their retention of subject matter, but it also acts as a personal tutor. Everything the student does in our courses is recorded and read by our ground-breaking “LSME REC Engine”. This system analysis the students past via their intake form inputs and their overall performance in LSME Courses to understand each students strengths and weaknesses. The system analysis which courses, sub-topics, and question types the student has the most difficulty in and provides a personalized “LSME Study Plan” for the student. While the study plans are purely optional to partake in, a student can increase their overall performance almost immediately with personalized tasks scheduled for the student to complete either daily, weekly, and monthly. Additionally to courses, LSME offers an outline exchange database for members to trade and download outlines, an extensive case brief section containing over 5,000+ case briefs, a questions and answers module for law students, an online legal job listing page feature nationwide listings, a crowd funding module providing an alternative to student loans, a law school database directory providing extensive information on each institution, an online legal community for students who wish to seek help or give help to others, and a rewards program which provides members an incentive to partake in courses and activities. By the end of Summer 2014 LSME will introduce the next step in LSME courses which allows law professors to provide course material directly to their students via their LSME profile. Start taking advantage of the future of legal education with the introductory offer of just $29 and become a LSME member today before the price doubles. Note: Price is subject to change on August 5th, 2014 for the Fall 2014 semester. Students who register before this deadline will continue their rate of $4.99 monthly fee. New student registrations will have a $49.99 sign-up fee and a monthly charge of $4.99. You may pre-order from today and keep the current rate by visiting our membership store page.


Play the video above to get an overview of all the features that LSME has to offer.

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Please select your registration type. Additionally, we offer a 3 day trial of the premium membership, a chance to pre-order a membership to maintain the current price, and packages for both a semester and a full year as well. Visit our store for more information.

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